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Developing systems for the industry for almost 3 decades, Profile delivers one of the best wealth management solutions and private banking systems (according to industry-leading reports) to help Financial Institutions experience rich, end-to-end functionality, automation of operations, while delivering superior and personalised services to their elite and demanding clientele. They incorporate powerful risk metrics for evolving portfolio risk management needs. The solutions can be used as stand-alone or integrated into the existing infrastructure. They support compliance with region-specific and international regulatory requirements (i.e. MiFID II, GDPR, etc.). They are the ideal portfolio management software for digital business operations.

Key Features

End-to-end, award-winning Wealth Management software platform

Advanced client and relationship management tools at all stages

Prospects status tracking during the sales cycle 

Powerful KYC data collection workflows, profiling, scoring and user-friendly activities management

Multi-services support (execution, advisory, discretionary)

Service-based functionality for order management, proposal generation and rebalancing

Complete coverage of traditional banking and global investment products with flexible asset classification tools

Robust rules-based compliance engine to achieve effective risk control and compliance with regulations e.g. MiFID II solutions

Multi-level performance analysis following GIPS standards and risk metrics

Real time 360° client view and in-depth information through an extensive set of reporting views

Market Risk Analytics tools with risk indicators such as VaR and Stress Testing

Business analysis and top management reporting with 24/7 access to all data through web and mobile tools

Completely flexibile, customisable and robo-advisory ready to deliver automated services


Unique customer experience with a customised approach

Improved productivity and reduce operational cost

Better-informed decisions by using the analysis tools provided

Streamlined and improved communication with clients

Control and monitoring risk at any time

Proactiveness to market needs by delivering new products fast

Compliance with international and local regulatory requirements


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 Why choose the Wealth Management solution by Profile Software?

When flexibility and reliability are paramount for your business and customers, check latest wealth management software reviews that would highlight the effectiveness of his private banking and wealth management software to help you automate and streamline your operations, achieving cost efficiency and risk reduction, The solutions received recognition and ranked as top wealth management systems in industry reports and clients' evaluation.