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Selecting the appropriate Treasury system has become a priority in the Banking sector so as to ensure smooth and secure operations in a demanding environment. The Treasury software solution offers a robust and flexible mode of operations. It can be integrated with any back-end system to deliver a front-to-back user experience. It covers the entire spectrum of business requirements ranging from forex and money markets to securities, commodities and derivatives, plain vanilla to most complex and customised packages. Deployment is quick and easy thanks to a modular approach and a standardised interface tool kit allowing efficient integration with the Bank’s existing systems.

The solution supports all standard market transactions such as forex money markets, fund transfers, collateral deals, securities, interest, currency and asset swaps, equities, futures and FRA, OTC and exchange traded options, credit linked instruments, commodities and Islamic deals (Murabaha, Wakala Investment and Financing, Deposit Exchange, Sukuk, FX Spot and Al Tawarruq, Interest Profit Swaps). It accommodates a large variety of structured / hybrid products designed through any combination of bond, deposit or swap together with any type and number of derivatives. 

Key Features

STP functionality

Full coverage of all treasury instruments in one solution

Advanced risk measurement tools

Front Office (deal capture, pricing, limits checking, portfolio management, FX position, cash position, spread matrix, dashboards)

Risk Controlling (gap analysis, sensitivity and volatility analysis, P&L and VaR calculations, credit risk, settlement risk, what if analysis)

Middle Office (fixing, accrued interest, interest income, deal ticket generation)

Back Office (payment analysis, GL management, accounting entries generation, Swift messages, trade confirmation)


Increase productivity with automation of the full processes and reduction of manual errors

Cost efficient solutions through scalability and customisation to activity and market evolution

Efficient real time monitoring of liquidity and funding

Expertise and reliability throughout operations

Technology corresponding to industry standards, with proven international platforms

Open architecture allows for an easy integration to any back-end or accounting system

Comprehensive reporting views for more efficient decision making

Access at anyplace and at any time

Why choose the Treasury solutions by Profile Software?

As a unified approach to Treasury, Profile Software offers a cross-asset front to back solution, covering all types of foreign exchange, fixed income, equity, commodity and derivative markets – for conventional and Islamic finance.

All analyses and modules run centrally, while supporting risk management, P&L, portfolio management, collateral tracking, accounting – compliant with IFRS9-  as well as payments, reconciliation, EoD processes etc.

It utilises technology that adapts to the challenging and evolving needs of the clients.