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Key Features

Registry – core: Covers all regulatory obligations and requirements of listed companies such as updates, number of stocks possessed, dividends, and collaterals to the fullest. 

Auto Grouping: Creates groups of investors dynamically by using complex criteria set by the user. 

General Meeting: Supports successfully shareholders’ general meeting. 

MIS Pricing: Combines shareholders transactions with historical data (open, close, high, low etc,) and estimates the acquiring cost, the selling price and the profit/loss of every single investor and /or group of investors, separately. 

IR Reporting: Provides more than 30 ready to use, specialized reports, of historical fluctuations in the shareholders registry. 

Outsourcing service is also available (including SaaS).


Easily adjusted to company’s requirements due to its modular architecture.

User friendly system. 

Specialized and experienced consultants can accommodate urgent needs as they arise.

Fast and expert customer support.

Facilitates selection from the reports available.

 Why Registry?

Registry is a modular platform. Every new installation is deployed according to the organisation’s specific requirements achieving the highest return on investment.