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The Real-Time Data Feed solution provides unique flexibility to end-users (institutional investors or retail) and uses a fast, accurate and reliable engine to present the data. Due to its pioneering functionality and user-friendliness it has become investors’ premiere choice.

This solution can also be white-labeled, while providing the tools needed by a data vendor or a broker, regardless of location. This easy-to-use and vendor-independent platform enables companies to customise it and offer a dedicated solution to their customers as well as manage it for internal use.

The Real-Time Data Feed solution as a platform can combine multiple data feeds into a single environment, offering quick access, convenience and multiple analysis capabilities to professional users and/or investors.

Key Features

Native Application combines speed with usability

Prices of ASE, ADEX, CSE

Advanced technical analysis

Full historical database

Portfolios and evaluation

Indexed financial news from top economic e-media

Dynamic extraction of real-time data to excel, Metastock etc.

Easy management of symbols and stocks

Full order book

Back-office connection and order management system capability

In-app trading functionality when combined with GS Trader or other back-end order management system 


Highly reliable information with speed and accuracy

Customisable views to meet personal criteria and to support specific market views

Continuous feed through dual data transmission 

Flexibility with dynamic creation of multiple scenarios, with different colours and fonts

Low-cost maintenance with minimal hardware requirements

Fault-tolerant feed with automatic switching to backup data sources in case of connection failure

Easy-to-navigate, with numerous user options.

Why the Real-Time Data Feed solution by Profile Software?

The Real-Time Data Feed solution is a subscription-based application. It is a live window to stock and derivatives exchanges for professional and retail investors, and a cost-effective tool that can offer its users a high Return on Investment.