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The payment systems provided by Profile Software are the ideal choice for Banks of any size, volume and sophistication, and are both cost-effective and secure. These systems include the company's Payment Solution as well as leading vendors’ comprehensive offerings which are utilised internationally.

They can be integrated with multiple payment networks to facilitate domestic and international fund transfers, automate and monitor the full circle of remittances and efficiently ensure the accuracy of your business’ workflow.

Key Features

Consolidation of legacy payment operation silos into a common shared payments service that is globally deployed yet locally controlled.

Complete range of Fund Transfer functionalities ranging from receipt, analysis and enrichment, to routing and return processing.

Mass Payment Application supports the full transaction life cycle from transaction capture and value dating to mandate management, bulk debit and credit accounting and customer batch reporting.

Collections Application supporting SEPA direct debits and generic local ACH direct debit schemes as well as intraday monitoring of collections.

Fully compliant SOA platform with ISO 20022 data model.

Corporate Liquidity Management application for:

  • Collection Management:
    • Integration with corporate ERP systems, direct Debit solutions for automated collections and reporting of transactions.
  •  Liquidity Management:
    •  Liquidity position management across multiple accounts, income and profit sharing
    • Online customer reporting


On the corporate level: Improved overall customer retention and business competitiveness through the creation of a specialised hub for cross-border payments.

On the financial level: Maximisation of Return on Investment (ROI) against the existing legacy system, resource optimisation and lower overall costs.

Flexible Tactics: Offers a focused approach to specific business needs.

Customer Satisfaction & Operational Resilience: Supports distributed payment entry from various channels and the capability to create and maintain clearing and settlement rules.

 Why choose the Payments solution by Profile Software?

Capitalising on years of experience implementing and delivering banking-related projects, as well as investing heavily in its own product development, Profile Software can provide the technical expertise needed in such delicate projects, alongside modern technologies such as mobile solutions. Get in touch to find out more now.