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Profile Software, an international Financial solutions provider, announced today that the expansion of its international operations also led to a workforce growth by 30%, across offices, over the past year. The company heavily invests in its human capital, to fuel its development and customer satisfaction. Specifically, Profile hired driven and experienced executives who have a rounded knowledge and background of the industry, as well as highly talented young professionals and graduates.

The Human Resources department continuously supports initiatives for young tech professionals to help them expand their career aspirations and plan their next best steps, like the Web Development Academies, by CollegeLink’s .NET program. Partnering with innovative ventures, the company participates in the ‘Alliance for Digital Employability’, a Hepis initiative and the ‘ReGeneration’ program organised by Global Shapers Athens Hub, involved in volunteering projects. The Human Resources team is active in numerous Universities Career Days and fora in Greece and abroad. 

In addition, Profile has also recently launched the Stackforce Coding School program, offering 30 scholarships to IT graduates to further enrich their programming skills and give them the opportunity to join Profile Software’s growing team.

Employees growth has been carefully planned and monitored to secure a memorable candidate experience. The annual results from the ongoing survey of the candidates interviewed, provide insights from their experience with 95% stating they were happy with the recruitment process, and 90% eager to recommend Profile.

Being present across 38 countries, Profile Software Group offers a wide range of international recruitment opportunities. Profile Software’s available openings are listed online here and for more information contact

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