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Key Features

A rich set of dashboard widgets for both the RM/FA and the client

Portfolio monitoring and drill-down capabilities: holdings, performance, transactions

Full portfolio analytics and comparisons to model portfolios

Various advisory tools that facilitate RM / FA engagement with clients

Online trading and complete order management capability

Clients’ document distribution

Online and offline notifications and alerts

Vendor-independent; Third-party integration

Intuitive and elegant user interface

White-labelled to promote the organisations’ specific brands and services to clients

Compliant with the highest web and mobile application security standards

Full use of mobile device capabilities such as geofencing, lock-on-shake and more


Enhanced client experience across all channels

Secured access to meet specific market needs

Improved productivity and client-facing time

Minimum implementation effort

Reduced cost of providing mobile services

Improved client service by allowing both RMs/FAs and clients to access information

Targets and satisfies requirements of the new Generation client segment

Why Mobius Wealth?

Ready-to-use : Integrates with your existing Wealth Management system

White-labelled: Brand it as your own and tailor your offering

Flexible pricing: Minimum effort in implementation and financial resources