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The Leasing & Financing solution automates the financing process at all levels, from front-end contract management to a back-office general ledger. Incorporating full origination and collections functionality, it serves as a complete solution for the whole lifetime of credit contracts, offering peace of mind to users.

Key Features

Complete counterparties representation, satisfying KYC requirement and serving AML-related directives for customer profiling

Loans and leasing product support, incorporating flexible pricing policy setup and campaign management

Credit Product Factory allows rapid creation of new products

Full coverage of any financing need: consumer loans, mortgages, financial and operating leasing, working capital, overdraft accounts, wholesale finance etc.

Origination management, incorporating a dynamic workflow for financing offers and applications in line with Bank policies, requiring minimum user input.

Partners network management, including tools such as point-of-sale and partner effectiveness monitors that provide commercial partners with access to over the web or mobile devices

Fully automated purchase order control and end-to-end contract management

Real-time risk management using hierarchical revolving and non-revolving credit lines, multi-type collaterals, real-time credit coverage monitoring and multiple concurrent asset depreciation schemes

Delinquent accounts management throughout their whole lifecycle, including every phase of settling both at business and legal levels

Collections, using parametric stages and buckets with user-defined processes, automation and a sophisticated behaviour forecasting engine


Secure and powerful checks of a debtor’s collateral

Easy-to-use application for all users

Improved productivity from a reliable engine to monitor and track activity

Operational efficiency, delivering fast and accurate customer service

Improved communication thanks to continuous access

Ensured compliance checks

 Why choose the Leasing & Financing solution by Profile Software?

The system’s open architecture, combined with unlimited flexibility to meet any type and setup of financing product and operation, provides Banks with a powerful tool, which effectively minimises the total cost of ownership.