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Wealth Management

Private Banking and Wealth Management organisations need a robust asset or wealth management system with a client-centric approach, including effective management and innovative portfolio management monitoring tools that enable Relationship Managers to focus on their clients’ needs. New technologies such as Cloud, Mobile, AI, Robo, etc are accomodated in award-winning and internationally recongnised platforms.

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Robo Advisory

Robo-advice is a growing trend that is becoming widely accepted. It is developing to an alternative FinTech investment management service, since it enables to address new or existing market segments with a different offering. 

Being at the forefront of technology the Robo Advisor omni-channel solution delivers modern and workflow-based functionality to perform online, all needed wealth management operations, for both the investor and the firm.

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Independent Wealth Managers (IAMs/IFAs) are dedicated to keeping their clients satisfied, gaining optimal value from invested assets and maintaining economies of scale. Effective consolidation of data and compliance are becoming crucial to help them achieve this. Asset Management Systems have a significant role in their efforts for advanced user experience, agile operations, cost efficiencies and risk management. 

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Asset Management

Irrespectively from what your business origin is, when managing assets the objective is turning risk into performance results.  Asset Managers need flexible asset management software that can adjust to business requirements and provide them with sophisticated tools to effectively manage their investments and experiencing agile operations.

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Fund Management

The Fund Management industry has seen many developments in recent years, including new directives and heavy competition. Fund Managers need tools to help them simplify and automate traditionally tedious processes. Fund Management software alleviate the pain by offering modern tools to advance flexibility and operational efficinecy.

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Insurance Investment Management

As the regulatory environment for Insurance firms is becoming highly demanding and more controlled, the appropriate management of invested assets is becoming paramount. Firms need to be able to closely monitor and analyse the invested assets. Selecting the right software tool is critical to achieving performance and a properly risk-balanced portfolio. Control and timely reporting are effectively met.

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Family Offices

The demanding financial landscape requires a fast and cost-effective approach, especially when it comes to high-net-worth families. The Investment Managers or Treasurers at a Single or Multi Family office need dynamic, sophisticated and tailored solutions to meet specific business needs that will reduce the time spent on tedious tasks while providing automation and flexibility to make better investment decisions. The advanced web-based family office solutions available expedite the processes and streamline operations at all levels.

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In the Brokerage Services industry, keeping your business profitable while effectively managing your clients’ investments is what matters. Market experience, research, and sales capabilities are not all that is needed. The appropriate software can help automate the processes ensuring efficiency on day-to-day operations.

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The custody market has seen significant changes in recent years, with a variety of increased requirements and new regulations. The Custody solution comprehensively covers all the needs of the Custodian Services market and provides the required flexibility to continuously adjust to its ever evolving needs. 

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The award-winning investment management system software by Profile with international implementations and distinction by leading advisory and publishing firms