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The Insurance Investment Management solution provides the rich functionality and the flexibility needed to professionally manage financial assets, generate investments’ accounting entries and meet regulatory requirements. It has become the preferred choice in its category with advanced functionality to automate processes and comply with the company's and country policies. Based on Asset Management Software functionality, it has developed to the next level to deliver the needed capabilities for the Insurance Companies delivering a comprehensive investment management software.

Key Features 

Global product coverage including exchange tradable securities (equities, fixed income, funds, etc) and non-listed investments (real estate, private equities, etc)

Instant cash flow information e.g. coupons, maturities, dividends, etc.

Multi-level performance analysis along with benchmark comparisons and metrics

Effective market risk measurement (VaR) along with back and stress testing tools

Built-in report generator tool for unlimited reporting views

Revaluation, amortization and provisions operations

Automated accounting entries generation on a scheduled basis (daily, weekly, etc.) according to IFRS and local accounting standards

Integration with the accounting system for uploading the entries

Connectors with market data providers as well as numerous available interfaces to minimise data inputs


Being constantly aware of the invested assets valuation, performance and risk

Making informed decisions and staying on top of each investment strategy

Automated processes to save time, increase productivity and eliminate errors

Monitoring of investment operations and mitigating risks with ease

Close management of external asset managers

Reliable accounting entries generation and core system updates


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Why choose the Insurance Investment Management solution by Profile Software?

The Insurance Investment Management solution has been selected and used widely from International Insurance firms due to its flexibility, reliability and, most importantly, automation of processes related with investment management and accounting, thus saving firms time, money and resources.