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Project Management

Via a team of specialised and experienced Consultants Profile Software offers project management services across market sector enabling on-time implementation of large scale complex projects with an impressive track record of successful implementations regarding business requirements and budgeted resources.


Profile Software's solutions have been developed following international best practices and utilising cutting edge technology. In cases where a project requirement mandates a customised approach that extends the vanilla or out-of-the-box functionality of a provided solution, in order to address specific business requirements or integration capabilities, the company’s team of expert engineers and professionals accommodate these particular needs. Our customisation services are at the heart of our own R&D, Consulting and Services departments.


Our Consultants deliver extended industry knowledge, best practices and skills required to define business cases and analyse functional requirements, ensuring a technical solution that is aligned to corporate and IT strategies, supporting the client's efficiency, growth of operations and profitability. We seemlessly integrate the implemented applications within the existing infrastructure, while undertaking migration process if required.


Profile Software provides full scale training to enable easier and faster use. Training is available through standardised or tailored ad-hoc seminars. A wide range of training courses covers both business end-users and technical - administrator training.