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The IAMs/IFAs solution provides industry professionals with rich end-to-end functionality to help them effectively and efficiently manage their clients’ financial assets. The solution’s architecture, modularity and extended parameterisation features provide IWMs with the necessary business agility to meet and exceed their objectives. It is a comprehensive asset management system for portfolio asset management with advanced capabilities.

Key Features

Flexible monitoring of assets with consolidation features and multi-entity analysis, along with personalised reporting capabilities

Complete CRM, legal and compliance requirements support, with document management and activities tracking tools

Robust rules engine and limits management to achieve effective risk control and conformity with regulations

Ability to provide analysis on non-listed investments (e.g. Private Equities) and real estate

Complete fees management and instant cash flow information

Strategic and tactical asset allocation views with rebalancing facility

Enhanced performance measurement with contribution and attribution analysis

Exposure analysis views with market risk (VaR) calculations, back testing and stress testing tools

Flexible reporting services and consolidated statements with enhanced graphics

Open architecture with readily available interfaces with Custodians and data feed providers

Secure 24/7 mobile and web access for Asset Managers and clients


Effectively and profitably performs client-based tasks

Streamline operations and processes with easy to use tools

Minimised costs and mitigated risks

Compliance with regulations and client mandates

Enhanced client service and trust

Ability to work on-the-go


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Why choose the IAMs/IFAs solution by Profile Software?

The IAMs/IFAs solution allows IWMs to significantly reduce their response time to clients’ requests, enhancing their quality of service and customer satisfaction. The detailed analysis of investment portfolios’ risk and performance in addition to compliance with client’s mandate, lead to exceptional results and higher levels of transparency and trust between the asset manager and the portfolio owner.