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Key Features

Real-time portfolio evaluation

Cash & Margin portfolio support

Order routing and automatic cash and position updates

Aggregate monitoring of all types of orders for fast and easy trading

Users’ rights administration:
○ Insert/delete user update
○ Rights per user (Trade/View All, Credit/Order Limit, Internet Access, Admin Rights etc.)
○ Assign Profit Centers - Portfolios

Rights per portfolio (trade, view)

Alerts & push notifications

Order placement:
○ Real-time buying power calculation according to different stock weights and dissemination
○ Placed orders are highlighted on the full order book
○ Multiple order cancellation option
○ Order placement on the ‘draft’ book and transfer to the ETS

Multiple commission scheme per portfolio

Portfolio transactions

Back-office independence


Ease of use with a user-friendly design and instant updates

Single point activity reporting for orders and trades

Fast and optimised order entry with multiple shortcuts and validity checks

Personalisation for professional investors (Brokers, RMs etc.)

Data transmission and communication security

Value for money and cost efficiency through its ability to connect to any 3rd-party system (back office, data feed or news provider)

Why GS Trader?

The GS Trader solution can operate as a primary order routing system or in parallel with other systems due to its ability to handle orders routed by 3rd party applications. The system’s open architecture allows connections to back-office systems that offer APIs or access to their databases, enabling complete management of profit centres, commission calculations, multi-market support for order routing and front-to-back compliance checks.