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Profile Software is partnering with leading vendors in Risk Management solutions to offer reliable and advanced Fund Transfer Pricing solutions.

Key Features

100% confidence in source data with full audit trails

Unlimited, fully flexible transfer pricing methodologies

Crucial profitability information essential to making product pricing, balance sheet allocation and compensation decisions

Pro-forma FTP for budgeting & planning

Historical transfer prices and spreads as a resource for performance reporting, planning, budgeting and control functions throughout the institution

Extensive, comprehensive reporting capabilities including web delivery

Stochastic analysis providing Option Adjusted FTP Spreads


Effective decision-making, organisational and product profitability, product pricing, balance sheet and resource allocations

Ability to transfer price of all financial instruments – with complex attributes, behaviours and cash flows

Evaluation of products, customers, business units and other views of the financial institution

 Why the Funds Transfer Pricing solution by Profile Software?

Making an evaluation and risk management analysis and assessment on various elements of the business need advanced software solutions to ensure smooth operations and automation of processes to safeguard the business. International partnerships with leading firms ensure delivery of results with the company's experience in similar projects.