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Key Features

Deployed as a whole or as stand-alone vertical solution

Accommodates internal policies and regulatory compliance through parametric workflows

Builds new products quickly with the easy-to-use Product Factory functionality

Includes customisable functionality to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership

Designed with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), offers a modern, flexible and easy-to-navigate user interface

Accessed either as a desktop application or through a web browser

Uses latest technology to accomodate future trends and ensure easy access at any time

Provides more than 250 API calls


Cost efficiency throughout operations due to flexible design

Ease-of-use, with familiar Windows-like environment

Flexibility to accommodate future requirements without prohibitive costs

Ease-of-access due to a secure interface available on desktop, mobile or as a web app

Operational reliability, accommodating an unlimited number of users as well as multiple currencies and languages

"The robust architecture of provided a smooth integration to the Bank’s environment, while its modular and technologically upgraded platform ensured a cost-effective implementation in terms of hardware and software requirements. "

International UK-based Bank