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Key Features

Extended multi-currency support

Fully regulatory compliance (SWIFT, SCT & SDD SEPA, other payment networks)

Centralised administration of all payments

Straight Through Processing (STP) that increases throughput, reduces transaction time, eliminates human errors and ensures validity

Process standardization: well-defined and optimised payments process flows

Format independent Payments Message Processing

Open architecture

  • Secure, public, online API provision towards compliance with PSD2 directive
  • Integration with legacy core banking systems
  • Automated interfaces with external payment systems (SWIFT, SEPA Participant systems, etc.)
  • Native integration with the Core Banking system

Transformation, routing and consolidation services

Scalability through parallel processing or by using load balancing


Optimises payment flows

Reduces transactional and operational costs

Minimises human intervention

Increases capacity and facilitates growth

Enales full control over the payments routing

Creates value-added payment services for clients

Completes life cycle trace (audit trail), including any configuration or parameterisation changes

Customises with user-defined business rules

Why Payments? Payments improves overall customer retention and business competitiveness through the creation of a specialised hub for cross-border payments, maximises Return on Investment (ROI) and lowers overall costs, while offering customer satisfaction and operational resilience.