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Profile Software partners with leading vendors to offer dedicated and reliable IT solutions that help Banks to effectively manage risk and model customer behaviour, Bank strategy, interest rate scenarios and a wide range of other economic variables quickly, easily and accurately.

Key Features 

Provides a modelling and simulation environment in which to interactively run, manage and compare a large number of ‘what-if’ scenario simulations

Delivers configurable modules on scalable, distributed processing technology

Allows users to build balance sheet models that measure and forecast all drivers of business profitability

Offers hundreds of standard reports for effective and timely reporting of data


Allows multiple analysts to work collaboratively and efficiently to measure and manage the risk return profile of the balance sheet

Enables users to license only those modules they need

Facilitates risk profile evaluation and proactive strategies, optimising the Bank’s risk/return trade-off

Allows earnings simulation and valuation routines to naturally produce accurate results for positions with virtually any sequence of events and for any reporting interval

Reduces the time needed for simulation processing

Assists users to understand the relative impact of changes, balance sheet composition and model parameterisation

Why the Asset Liability Management solution by Profile Software?

Collaborating with international firms to deliver the optimum result, the company's solutions in Asset Liability Management enable collaboration and efficiency to manage risk and perform various simulations.