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The AML Compliance solution is a vertical solution, leveraging best business practices and unique technology to help financial institutions to comply with Anti-Money Laundering regulations. Deployed as part of the Core Banking solutions, or integrated with the Bank’s existing system.

The AML solution focuses on Know-your-Customer profiling as well as Client Scoring and History, but also provides AML Watch List Management against multiple watch-lists and Suspicious Activity Monitoring via the client’s Transactional Behaviour analysis.

Key Features

Powerful KYC-related mechanisms for proactive risk control

Parametric excess thresholds in numerous qualitative and quantitative dimensions

Transactional and social customer behaviour tracking and scoring through questionnaires

Local, global and manual watch list support

Transactional data processing towards high transaction value and excessive transaction activity for customers

Online customer and Fund Transfer checking against watch list presence

Online and batch alert generation for further tracking and investigation


Safeguards your business

Monitors transactions at any point

Cross-references in international watch lists

Get notified by alerts for any behavioural anomalies

 Why choose the Anti-Money Laundering solution by Profile Software?

Capitalising on years of experience in the marketplace, the company develops, partners and delivers solutions to ensure the continuous and compliance operations of financial services institutions. The AML solution has a rich set of functions and customisation capabilities to enable smooth operations and transactions.