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Profile Software, through strategic partnerships with leading vendors in Algorithmic Trading and Complex Event Processing, offers an algo trading platform which enables rapid design, deployment and refinement of automated strategies that leverage businesses’ unique trading techniques.

Key Features

Graphical tools that empower traders and quants to create strategies

‘SmartBlocks’ that encapsulate trading logic for use in new strategies

Powerful event processing language for concisely expressing complex trading scenarios

Richly graphical, easily customised dashboards

Support for all asset classes, both individually and in cross-asset strategies

Flexible backtesting environment to evaluate new strategies and analyse existing ones

Patented event processing engine with sub-millisecond execution

Connectivity to market data sources, trading destinations, and third party systems via integration framework extensible for customer-specific environments.


Develops unique algorithmic trading strategies built upon businesses’ own intellectual property

Uses/modifies industry standard pre-packaged algos (VWAP, TWAP, Iceberg, PoV, Pairs, EWMA, MACD and others)

Optimises trade opportunities for both sell-side and buy-side firms

Dramatically reduces time to deploy new algorithmic strategies

Enables the delivery of  low latency, reliable execution that enables clients to capitalise on opportunities as they happen.

 Why choose the Algorithmic Trading solution by Profile Software?

Working with leading financial institutions and understanding the need for trading opportunities, Algorithmic trading solutions provided by the company offer a robust environment and flexibility to meet existing and future needs.